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The Kombucha Guru: An Introduction

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Hello, fellow kombucha enthusiasts!

My name is Bert Caivano and yes, I’m a self-proclaimed kombucha guru! You’re probably wondering what makes me a kombucha guru.

My background is actually in marketing and design but I have had a passion for probiotic and health products for over three years now. Working with a supplements company I learned the many benefits probiotics provides for your body. Working at this same company I discovered kombucha tea and how it’s fermented.

At first, I’ll admit, I was cautious of a drink that had been sitting out for over two weeks but after a having a small taste I was immediately hooked. I began researching all about this fermented drink that at the time was just starting to have large commercial success after being allowed back on market shelves.

I wanted to know why it made you feel good. What ingredients were needed to make kombucha tea? I even looked for possible negative side effects. After a few years of researching this amazing tea and a few months of actually brewing it, I’ve decided to write about my experience in hopes of helping any Kombucha Tea brewer that is just starting their own brew.

Enough about me, what about the Kombucha!?!

Known originally as the “Immortality Tea”, Kombucha has origins dating back over 2200¬†years!

Many Kombucha enthusiasts source the creation of this tea to the Qin dynasty of 220 BC. Created for Emperor¬†Qinshi Huangdi and later distributed through the general public became a common practice. Almost every household in the region had Kombucha being at home! During this time Kombucha had many names like the “tea of immortality”, “sea mushroom”, “stomach treasure”, “red tea mushroom”.

Later on, in 414 AD a Korean doctor known as Dr. Kombu experimented with the tea as a remedy for his emperor, Inyoko. It’s suggested that name Kombucha came from adding Dr. Kombu’s name to the Japanese word for tea “cha”.

Today Kombucha is brewed at home by thousands if not millions of Kombucha lovers. People rave about the many health benefits it yields including:

  • Digestive Regularity
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Mental Clarity
  • Immune System Empowerment

It’s not just all the amazing health benefits that kombucha provides but the amazing flavor and for many brewers the delicious fizz that comes with the second round of fermentation.

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