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How to Brew Kombucha Tea at Home Part 2: The Bottling Stage

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For this particular recipe, I’m going to let the kombucha ferment for 9 days in a shaded area at about 76 degrees temperature. Remember depending on your climate and preference of sour taste the fermenting process could be anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks.

Ingredients/Supplies you’ll need:

7 glass bottles (Old kombucha bottles from the store will work)

Optional: A juice of your choice, we’ll go with watermelon juice for this recipe

A shaded place to store the bottles

A further note on the glass bottles, make sure they have soda pop style ‘pop top’. You can find these on Amazon or at certain beverage stores but like stated before you can just use old store-bought kombucha bottles.

Now that you have those 7 bottles and your perfectly brewed kombucha it’s time to put it all together.

We’ll be adding the watermelon juice at this stage. Fill the bottle about 25% of the way with the juice. If you want to experiment with more fruits you can actually cut up fruit and place it in the bottle with the juice but that’s another recipe for another day. Also if you don’t feel like using any juice at all that’s ok too, just skip this juice step.

Next, you fill the rest of the bottle with your kombucha tea. Don’t fill the bottle all the way to the brim! Leave yourself at least an inch of space at the top, you might need that space for burping!

Once you fill all the bottles. close them up and make sure they’re nice and tight. Now the waiting begins, again! This is another area of the brew that is totally open for experimentation. Each brewer will have their own choice but this specific batch will be stored for 2 weeks. Yes I know 2 weeks sounds like forever but trust me it’s 100% worth it.

Also, I have bad news the wait is not over! After 2 weeks its time to refrigerate your batch of buch. Well, to be honest, you can drink now, it will be fizzy but also room temperature which doesn’t sound too refreshing at all. Once you place the bottle in the fridge waiting for at least 24 hours.

Some batches might be ready earlier but I like to play it safe and wait for 24 hours. Why do I wait another day? I’ve had forgettable experiences with flat kombucha. It’s still bearable to drink but I want my kombucha to be as carbonated as a beer. It’s just more refreshing to me that way.

Finally, your masterpiece is complete! Sit back relax and enjoy a nice cool fizzy drink that will make your stomach feel good. If you followed my watermelon kombucha recipe cheers! This recipe is one of my all-time favorites.

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