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Cucumber Mint Kombucha

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Mmmm now that’s fresh! Are you ready for a delicious, fresh, perfect for the summer drink? Well, here it is: Cucumber Mint Kombucha. Cucumber has been used in various ways to give drinks that certain refreshing taste that’s unmistakable. This recipe will be using Cucumbers in a variety of ways to achieve a truly amazing finish. The burst of mint will add a cooling sensation to complement the cucumber.

For this project you’re going to need all of your usual Kombucha tea brewing supplies plus these recipe specific ingredients:

  • 2 Whole Cucumbers
  • 2 bundles of mint
  • Optional: Cucumber juice
  • A second-gallon glass jar to accompany the original recipe jar (for infusion)

Step 1: Water Infusion

Fill the second glass gallon jar with purified water. Cut up the cucumbers. It’s your choice whether or not to leave on the skin. I cut the skins off as well to provide a sweeter finished product. Place the cut up cucumbers in the jar with water. Take the first bundle of mint and open it up. Pluck off all of the leaves from the stems. I prefer to use the nicer looking leaves. Smack these leaves in the palm of your hand and then place it in the glass jar. Wait for about 6 hours so the flavors can infuse enough.

Step 2: Brew Your Tea

Follow the usual process for brewing kombucha tea but use the cumber mint infused water from your second glass jar.

Step 3: Bottling Your Tea

After 6 – 10 days, depending on how sweet you like your final product to be, it will be time to bottle your ready-made kombucha tea. Using the second bundle of mint, break off about 3 – 4 leaves per bottle. Smack the tea leaves again and place them in each bottle. An optional step here, if you have cucumber juice fill the bottle about 25% of the way. Close up all the bottles and then wait about 2 weeks. Click here for a full rundown of the bottling process.

Step 4: Refrigerate Your Bottle

After the second stage of fermentation has completed you should have some delicious, fizzy kombucha ready to go. Don’t drink it just yet however, because it will be even better nice and chilled. Place in the bottles in the refrigerator and wait 24 hours for full carbonation.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Final Product

When your ready to sever just remove the fermented mint leaves with a spoon. You can consume them if you really want to but I’d just remove them.

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