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Super Sour Kombucha

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What is that awful smell? Oh yeah, that’s my super sour kombucha. If you’ve tried the original recipe but have realized that it’s not sour enough I have a recipe specifically for you. This recipe will call for pu-erh tea for a base and about 21 days of patience but when it’s all finished you’ll have an incredibly fermented batch of kombucha.

Extra sour kombucha can provide a variety of different health benefits than a normally brewed batch. A typical kombucha brew will provide about 1% acetic acid but this recipe will provide you with about 2% acetic acid. This might not seem like much but trust you’ll taste the difference. For reference, apple cider vinegar is 5% acetic acid, so this recipe isn’t that far off.

Supplies You’ll Need For Super Sour Kombucha

Let’s break down this recipe before we start the brew. Our recipe starts with the use pu-erh tea (pronounced POO-air). Another type of processed camellia sinesis, pu-erh, will provide a strong earthy taste. This type of tea is oxidized more than any other type of tea process; some people even compare this type of tea to fine tasting aging wine. The tea leaves are naturally fermented some can be older in age than others,  it’s your choice of how aged you want it. I have a Tealyra 5 year aged tea. The earthy taste will convert into an extra sour taste when the process is complete.

Next, follow the usual recipe for brewing kombucha but use replace the green/black tea with pu-erh. Instead of bottling the kombucha at usual 7-10 days, we’re going to let it sit for 21 days. If you live in hot climates let it sit for about 15 days. You can also choose when the specific right date is for you by simply testing the kombucha. You want the taste to have just a slight taste of sugar.

Bottling Your Super Sour Kombucha

Now that your already pretty sour kombucha is ready to be bottled it’s time to put the finishing touch. Add a teaspoon of lemon to every bottle that you’ll be adding your tea into. Afterwards fill the bottle 20% of the way with ginger juice if you have that available. If you only have ginger from the store cut one up and place 5 – 7 small pieces into each bottle.

The waiting game continues! As usual, we’ll wait two weeks before we place the bottles in their final resting place, your refrigerator.

After 24 hours your super sour kombucha will be ready. Be warned this drink will definitely be a challenge to finish but the health benefits you’ll be receiving from the acetic acid will definitely make up. I also keep some of these bottles lying around because the extra sour stuff helps my stomach the best.

Featured photo courtesy of Sterling College

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